Psychic communication with animals for health and healing

It’s an auto biograph of the author Laila del Monte who was a professional flamingo dancer around the world in her younger years, but she got some problems with her knees and she had to change her life completely when she finally listened to her inner voice and became an animal healer for who needed her abilities.

In her prologue she explains to the reader how animal communication works for her during the sessions with the pets. It is a process of the healer in growing of telepathy, self-confidence, trust and there are no limits in distance or life or dead when you will use healings. She became very sensitive to the messages of the animals when she started to listen to the animals.

She sees herself and other people only as guiders of the animals. After reading of this book you will be aware with regard of the heavy tasks and huge responsibilities animals will show to their owners and how this touched them in psychical, emotional or mental way. 

A lot of information and the techniques of animal communication she showed in her book were recognizable for me. It’s a feel good story but it’s not study book about how to learn animal communication.