How to heal with color

Ted Andrews is one of the favourite authors to me, because he was deeply evolved in a spiritual way. He profound this subject in many different ways. We may be glad and respect full that he shared his knowledge as teacher of shamanic practices in a public option. I love his respect full attitude to the nature and animals.

This book is useful for a beginner, whose is interested in spiritual matters and how you can heal. For an experienced healer a lot information will be obsolete. What can you exact do with colors? What are the similarities between colors and chakras? How is the vibration working from each color and the chakras? Which tool can be used during a healing session? How are colors connected with our energy level and their surroundings?

The author also pays attention to how to use a pendulum and what you can achieve with it in how to make certain choices. But that is only interesting if you do not know how to read and feel the energy levels by means of clear feeling.

A nice little basic book about how to use colors in a spiritual way.