Darkest fate

This last part of the Singularity trilogy is the best. It has absolutely more profound as a story level with a lot of actions in comparing the first part. What I like in this volume is that Drake is showing his manner op power by his kind humor against the coven of Skye during her trail.

Skye was obligated to left Drake behind and was dragged by her ex-boyfriend to London in pending her trial with regard of her actions. During the process, she is trying to find a balance between protecting and hiding the Singularity or her loyalty to the coven.

With clever tricks, he found the history secrets of his family. That cause a lot of chaos in his life and that from his sister.  For surviving their lives, they need to change many things. They get some help from a person you didn’t expect.

According the bosses of the coven is protecting the veil and find the Singularity the most important task of all the witches. During the trail, other witches are murdered by the night covens and that change their perspective.

In this dangerous moment are Skye and Drake being capable of protecting the Singularity without the help of others of the coven?

In the series of ‘Singularity’ are published:

  • Wicked sense
  • Broken spell
  • Darkest fate