Broken spell

This second part has a lot of more profound in the story. However, Drake and Sky are struggling as a couple in their normal daily life, their relationship is tested in many different ways during the novella. Trusting each other is the biggest part in this test.

Sky has found the singularity and she choose aware for hiding the girl against her own coven and the community of the bad night witches. The old ex-boyfriend of Sky has ashamed the trust of hers and that cause some uncertainty and questionable safety with her new boyfriend Drake.

During the meetings with the new witch with strong powers, Sky is trying to teach the singularity everything about the craft of magic. Including regulating the hidden energy of the singularity. Other magic persons cannot hide their energy among themselves and sense their energy field from a big distance.

The energy of the singularity is so strong that even non-magic persons can feel and see the magic power when flows free. During a healing session with her energy the veil will be broken. That will cause a big hunt on the singularity. Her life isn’t sure anymore. Can Sky still protect her?

In the series of ‘Singularity’ are published:

  • Wicked sense
  • Broken spell
  • Darkest fate